The Doctor Seuss Litter

We All Have Homes!

The Doctor Seuss Litter have all found homes. Surprisingly enough, they all landed in BC.

Otso (Thing One) has found a new home in Sooke where he will spend a majority of his time cuddling and being loved by his family on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Zorro (Thing Two) is up in Kelowna where he has found his calling and will be going to work every day with his peoples and enjoying some time in the woods hunting like he was born to.

Koira (Cindy Lou Who) is living in the lower mainland wreaking havoc in her new home and keeping her human brothers on their toes.

Niko (Horton) has found peace in Nanaimo with his new big sister and people that will adore him as much he deserves to be adored.

Hoshi (Sam I Am) is on the Island enjoying his new big yard and helping his peoples out with their gardening.