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We wanted an unusual breed, something that makes people ask “what kind of dog is that?” After a lot of research and visiting various dog breeds and breeders, we found the Finnish Spitz!

We knew we were going to get exactly what we wanted in this ancient breed. Our Valo (Pikkinnokka’s Glory Days) landed in our house like a tornado touching down in the prairies. It was like she woke up the first morning after we got her and yelled (quite literally) at us “I AM HERE!!”

With the help of Til Niquidet as a mentor we have jumped into the world of preserving this primitive breed.

Valo is Kinsol Kennel’s foundation bitch. She is sassy, bratty, confident, affectionate, bossy, loveable, and a gorgeous example of the breed. She makes us laugh and swear on a regular basis. Exactly what a young Finkie should do. Valo and Glyn have been learning agility and she can been seen in the show ring under Tanya’s gentle handling.

As she has matured she has not lost her feisty edge but has become more reliable and affectionate. Well…affectionate as long as you keep scritching her (it’s a word, look it up ).

Valo is not a kennel dog. She is a pampered house dog that we will be breeding. Being a pampered pet is what we hope for all Kinsol Kennels dogs. What better lifestyle can any dog hope for?


Kova is the only girl from Valo’s first litter. She is as beautiful as her momma. She is living the life of a Finnish Spitz’s dreams on a farm in the Cowichan Valley. When she goes into season after she is 18 months old we will begin all her medical testing suggested for Finnish Spitz. Once she is given the all clear, we will be putting her into our breeding program. She will likely have three litters, if all goes well and she is as natural a mother as Valo is.

You can also see Kova in the show ring competing against her mother. The competition is on!

Auntie Siren

October of 2015 we got our much loved Siren, a very special Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, on a foster program through Tollchester. Tollchester showed Siren almost to her championship until Tanya stepped in and had the privilege of showing her, digging deep into her past experiences to remember what to do (with some gentle guidance from a very good friend Wendy Lee of Lealee Tollers). She had so much fun in the ring!

Siren is the kind of dog that will do absolutely anything with us. She has completed her foster contract and had two litters of puppies (one of which we had the tremendous pleasure of having in our own home – thank you Wendy!) so she is not a part of the breeding program at Kinsol Kennels.

Siren was our learning dog. She is the one that introduced us to rearing puppies and she has moved on to her Grand Championship, Canine Good Neighbour, Therapy Dog, and agility training. Siren will be a large part of the puppies born at Kinsol Kennels. She will give the puppies an opportunity to be with other dogs from an early age. She’s gentle, loving, and fantastic with other animals. In short, all the puppies born at Kinsol Kennels will be very lucky to have an Auntie Siren in their lives.

Mr. Briggs

Mr. Briggs might not be a dog, but he is an integral part to our kennel. He spends a great deal of time with the puppies as they get older and teaches them cat manners. It is not unusual to see Mr. Briggs running around the yard either chasing or being chased from the puppies. But when he’s had enough, he lets the puppies know. While he is kind, he also will not let the puppies get out of hand.  He is a very important training tool for our new pups.