The Finnish Spitz

At Kinsol Kennels we encourage you to get to know the breed. Read everything you can on them. There are many sites online about them and most of them have very similar information. 

We’ve included a couple of links here. 

We would much rather you have the RIGHT dog than one of OUR dogs.

Great reasons TO get a Finnish Spitz

1. Want a good watch dog? Finkies LOVE to survey their homes and property. In fact, Finkies prefer nothing over being up high and watching what is going on in their world. And they will let you know if someone is entering their property, welcome or not. No one will enter a Finkie home without their family knowing about it. And much loved house guests will be greeted with affection, kisses, hand-holding, lovely welcome noises, and lots of love. No one “sneaks” into a Finkie home.

2. Do you love a dog with attitude? Finnish Spitz are true spitz-type dogs. They have an abundance of attitude. Training a Finkie means you will have to convince them that either this is the best thing in the world or what you want them to do is their idea. But be prepared to spend a bit more time with your Finkie than you might have to if you had say a retriever. There is nothing in the world that can make you feel better than a Finkie that is well trained. No one else will know how much work you put into them, but you will! When a Finkie learns a trick they will show that trick off to everyone they know and be extra cute doing it.  They are brilliant dogs and will never forget anything they’ve been taught.

3. Looking for a dog that will keep up with you, no matter what you are doing? Finkies are a very active outgoing breed. Going hiking, a Finkie will love to join you anywhere you want to hike. Bike riding, with proper conditioning, they will easily keep up with you. Same holds true to running, tired of running alone? They make great running companions. Quick note here: make sure your Finkie is either on a leash or has great recall or you could find yourself running after your Finkie as you try and catch it. Always remember, a tired Finkie is a happy Finkie!

4. Do you like a vocal dog? Finkies like to contribute to the family conversation, they thrive on being a part of the family unit. This means they like to contribute their two cents. Their form of communication is not just barking, they make all kinds of wonderful noises that let them be heard. You can (and will) have complete conversations with your Finkie.

5. Love a cuddly lap dog? Finnish Spitz are exactly the right size for a lap dog. Keep paying attention to them, petting or scritching for example, and they will stay on your lap and “lap” up all the attention they so rightly deserve.

6. Want a dog that people have rarely seen? Oh you most definitely want a Finkie. People will stop and ask you what kind of dog it is all the time. You can proudly say you have a Finnish Spitz, a rare primitive breed that changes your world and  livens up your life. A dog you couldn’t imagine living without after sharing a home with one. 

Great reasons NOT to get a Finnish Spitz

1. Do you live in an apartment? Finkies are not good apartment dwellers, but that’s mostly because they are very vocal. If you take your pup out numerous times you will have to play the dog hard to get it tired. Where other dogs will come and play with your feet to get your attention, a Finkie will (you guessed it) bark at you if they need something. It would be up to YOU to know when your Finkie needs attention. And because the Finnish Spitz make good watch dogs as they like to alert their owners to intruders…that could include the people walking by in “their” hallways.

2. Do you think your dog doesn’t need training? If you don’t establish rules with your Finkie they will make the rules. And you will not like the rules a Finkie makes, this we guarantee. Loving a dog is not enough, ground rules must be set and maintained. A Finkie will deny this is true, don’t listen to them!

3. Are you a couch potato and want your dog to be one too? Uh … NO! Finnish Spitz are not a couch potato dog. They need exercise, even if that means just in their own back yard. If you do not exercise a Finkie they will eat your house. Kidding, but not really. A bored Finkie is a destructive Finkie (especially in the first two years).

4. Do you compare dog barking to nails on a chalkboard? Finkies bark. They’re supposed to bark. In Finland they are prized for their barking. It is what they do. You can control the barking, but you will never stop a Finkie completely from barking. Don’t like it? Don’t get one. Period.

5. Want a huge dog that will scare everyone you meet? The Finnish Spitz comes up to about your knee and weighs in under 35 lbs. They are not an intimidating dog to look at. They remind people more of cute foxes and people are drawn to their cuteness. So if YOU are an aloof “breed”, you might not like people approaching you to find about your cute dog. That’s not to say they won’t protect you, because they can. But do not expect strangers to be intimidated by a foxy Finkie. On a scare factor compared to say a Doberman Pincher being a 10 (some people can be intimidated by Dobies) a Finkie would rate about a … 2?

6. Want the same dog as everyone on your street? Maybe you should consider another dog. We hear that the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the world, that might be a better choice for you.

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