Murdoch Mysteries Litter

They've All Found a Loving Home

Kinsol’s first litter of puppies (Valo x Silver) have all gone to great homes, we’re so happy they have kept in touch and we get to watch them grown.

Young Maple (Reid) is making himself quite at home  and staying adorable in the process with a lovely couple in Quebec.

Baelin (Newsome) is having fun in the snow and being an observer of his kingdom in central Washington

Flynn (William) is chilling on a Washington coastal island where I’m sure he enjoys the occasional Starbucks … lol

Ozzy (Llewellyn) is wreaking havoc on Vancouver Island with his new big brother Felix.

Kova (Acee – for AC/DC current) has found for a furrever home on Vancouver Island. She is living the perfect Finkie life on a farm with lots of other animals and a big sister. Watch for her in the show rings!


To apply for one of our beautiful babies, please fill in this fillable PDF form. At the bottom you will find a submit button and it will shoot the form directly back to us. 

This form is a part of how we can get to know you. The more we know about you, the better able we are to match you to the perfect puppy for you and your family. Answer the questions in as much detail as you would like (remember, more is better) and fire it back to us. We will keep this on file and respond to you as soon as we get it. Please be aware, this does not guarantee we will have puppies at all times. Kinsol Kennels is a firm believer in small quantity, high quality, hand-reared, home born litters. Our puppies are socialized in a home situation where many visitors of all ages can be found sitting on the floor and playing with the pups. We get to know their personalities in the first eight weeks and know which puppy will do better in which home. So the more in-depth you complete the form the better the match will be.

We will be contacting everyone back that submits a form.

We look forward to hearing from you